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Easy resin jewelry making

In this tutorial series we will learn how to use clear casting polyester resin in different applications.

Here we learn how to make small parts using silicon or plastic molds.

Coasters, pendants, jewelry, cabochons, keychains etc can be made using this tutorial.

Materials required:

1kg polyester resin + 50ml MEKP catalyst

6 pigments

Mixing cups and sticks

3 pairs of nitrile gloves

Materials needed

Weighing / kitchen scale

Glitters and beads.

Silicon or plastic molds


Step I:

Lay a sheet of plastic on a clean work bench.

Place all the required materials on the plastic sheet.

It is important that you wear nitrile gloves while handling resins. Polyester resins have a very strong smell so it is advisable to work in an open airy room. If working in an enclosed room make sure to wear mask.

The materials we are using in this demonstration


Step II

Pour the required quantity of clear casting polyester resin in a disposable cup.

For a small mold such as this we are taking 150g of resin.

Make sure to appropriately weigh the resin.

For this demonstration we are using 3 pigments: red, blue and yellow, along with small beads and glitters.

Make sure that the mold is clean and free of dust.


Step III

Measure the correct quantity of MEKP catalyst to add the resin.

For small mold we will use 1.5ml of catalyst per 100g of resin.

In this demonstration we used 2.25ml of MEKP catalyst for 150g of resin.

It is very important to properly mix the catalyst in the resin.

Spend 50-60 seconds mixing the resin.

Make sure to scrap the bottom as well as the sides of the cup to ensure even mixture of resin and catalyst.


Step IV

Pour small quantities of catalyzed resin in three small cups.

Add a small quantity of different pigment to each cup.

Mix until uniform color is achieved.

We are adding small quantity of pearl powder to get metallic effect in the castings.


Step V

Pour the resin in the required mold.

Make sure to pour the resin at a single point only to avoid adding air bubbles in the resin.

Here we are adding clear resin half way through the mold.

Then adding beads and glitters to the resin.

Make sure the all the beads and glitters are completely soaked in resin by pressing them with the mixing stick.

Then add clear resin to fill the mold completely.

Two or more differently colored resins can be poured in one mold to get a unique look.


Step VI

Now set the mold aside for 15-20 hours for resin to fully cure.


Different parts and accessories made using different color combinations and variety of molds.

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Tejasvi Ghone
Tejasvi Ghone
20 nov. 2021
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